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How Customers Rate Services/Professionals

After you have made contact with professional services, we ask you to complete a very brief and quick survey of your experience. We want to know whether your appointment was met or kept and if the services rendered met your expectations.

PDQrate has many online customers who tell us about their experiences with professional services. Other customers rely on this information to seek out good, qualified professional services. Hence, your feedback is highly important!

Our ratings system is easy and very quick! It is based on a simple 1 through 5 system of "good to worse", 1 being Worse and 5 being Good. We then take this information and it is processed into our database and the ratings of the professional/service is retrieved and provided free to customers.

Rating Explanation
Overall Satisfaction General feeling after services were performed
Monies Worth You paid for services and felt it was worth the price
Appointment Time You were met in timely manner and services performed on time.
Recommendation to Others You would recommend this professional to others
Professional Manner The professional and/or company was what you expected or if you had a complaint it was handled in a professional manner.

To View the Ratings of a Service Professional:

Because our site has such a vast amount of data regarding all the service professionals, our system is such we use percentages. Therefore, if you read a rating of say i.e. John Doe, Lawyer, and his rating is 80% Overall Satisfaction, you can be probably surmise that John Doe is a good lawyer. You should read all the ratings for each category and then make your judgement.

At the present time, we are revamping our database to make it quicker and more efficient for you. Please bear with us while these changes are being met. If you have any questions, please email us at






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